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Ogeechee Heating & Air is determined to provide 5-star heating and air conditioning service. Please read some of our reviews below.

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Natalie Cavinder
17:34 07 Jun 23
Called Ogeechee after a competitor said I needed thousands of $’s of repairs or a new system altogether. Jacob fixed it within an hour for $450. My hero’s!! Jacob needs a raise!! Thank you so much! Great job Jacob!
Brenda DeLoach
16:18 03 Jun 23
Highly recommend!
China Reed
20:00 02 Jun 23
Jeff was very friendly, polite and very informative about how to take care of my AC unit I would definitely recommend you guys to my friends
Kathy Nadeau
21:26 25 May 23
I've always heard that Ogeechee Heating & Air was a good company to have for your AC needs and I have used them when I needed something done as well, and they always did good work, but I'm really convinced when I heard about what they did for my 90 year old dad. When his AC broke down, and they heard about his situation from dads friend, some workers volunteered to go after hours to fix it. And they did. But a few weeks later it broke down because the system was pretty old. Anyway, they came back out to his house, and found out that he actually needed a new system. They worked out a price, and they ordered a new one. In the meantime, because of my dads financial situation, he cashed in 2 small life insurance policies to pay for it. He got the new AC, and dad was so pleased at how well it worked. Anyway, dad got sick and passed away like a month or so later. Dads friend talked to one of the owners at Ogeechee and explained his situation, they again did something that is unheard of in this world todayl. They reimbursed the money he paid so that the funeral would be taken care of. You can count on them to be fair, honest, and there to help people when they need it most. When I spoke to the owner and thanked him, he told me that it is not always about money, its about the people, which restored my faith in humanity. I may not have all the information that took place, but enough to know that they are great people. Thank you again Ogeechee Heating and Air.
Purely Taya Baker
00:32 22 May 23
I have been using this company for the last 4years and this year Jeff came to my home for my yearly service maintenance. He was kind,patient and pleasant to have help with the job.All of the men who have came have actually been very kind with that respectful southern hospitality.Thank you for providing a great experience as usual guys!
Jeff Hook
21:44 16 May 23
Installed an air handler and drainage systems….professional, quality services and they make no mess at all. Like them texting or calling me when 20 minutes out….very convenient.Added them to do our business starting last year.Ogeechee Heat&Air
Amanda Koenigstein
19:04 15 May 23
They were out at our house in just a couple hours. The service guy was very polite, clean, helpful with the questions we had, also found our repair fast, and We would highly recommend them to anyone
William Rovolis
21:08 11 May 23
Jeff is a cut above the rest. His knowledge and ability to quickly diagnose and recommend the correct repair was greatly appreciated. The service I received from Ogeechee Heating and Air was very professional. THANKS OHA!!
Kay David
14:40 02 May 23
I called on a Sunday and was informed employees were off on Sunday to go to church and be with their families. That alone gave me a good feeling about this business. Monday morning, as promised, a service tech called me at 8 and he arrived shortly thereafter assessing the AC situation and the part that was needed was ordered and installed all in the same day. The technician was very professional cleaning up after himself and going above and beyond to clean around my outside unit. I would highly recommend this company.

Quality HVAC Services Claxton, GA

When it comes to your heating and cooling needs, you don’t want to sacrifice your comfort. That’s why hiring a trusted heating contractor is essential when you need heating and AC repair or service for your home or business. Ogeechee Heating & Air is your best local choice for all your heating and air needs in Hagan, GA.

Ogeechee Heating & Air in Hagan, GA, has been serving Southeast Georgia and the surrounding communities for more than 15 years. With more than 35 years of industry experience, these licensed and insured heating contractors have the experience and the know-how to get your HVAC job done right the first time. Whether you are selecting a new heating or cooling system, repairing an existing system, or you just want lower energy bills and healthier home, Ogeechee Heating & Air has the service and the expertise you’re looking for.

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